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Hola~ Take a look and enjoy! :D
btw, I love comments and I answer them all, so please tell me what you think of my drawings~ Gracias! :D

(('Kay. I'm too lazy, and my brain holds less info than my feet, so I'll put a general disclaimer here:

Hetalia and its characters belong to Hidekaz Himaruya [Is it right? 0.o] and any OC here, except for Aixa, Angelo and Anabel, belongs to their rightful creator.))

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:bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletgreen:Meet the people~! :bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: Father:

:bulletgreen: Siblings:
-Autonomous Communities:

:bulletgreen: Children (as in, provinces):

:bulletgreen: Nieces and nephews:

:bulletgreen: My husband:
I still can't believe that I could find you, and knowing that we'll always be together is like a dream come true. You call me a princess; I say you are the prince I always dreamed of. You make me happy like no one else can, and I try to do the same for you. I love you with all my heart and soul. ¡Te quiero!

:bulletgreen: Sibling(s)-in-law:

:bulletgreen: My best friends!

:bulletwhite: Other me's:

:bulletwhite: Pets:

((Except for her father and siblings, all of her relationships are based off of her life and conversations on DA.
:bulletred: I always add the Spanish Communities as Aixa's siblings, and the provinces as her nephews and nieces. If you want your OC removed from these sections, just tell me by notes or in a comment.
:bulletred: However, I don't add the Iberoamericans or Portugals as her siblings... mostly because everyone has their point of view on their OC's relationship with Spain. So if you want your OC in the list, tell me too~
:bulletred: I'm not adding more Spains either... there are a loooot. So if you want your Spain, again, ask. I do not bite xD ))

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((is anyone still playing here?))


Aixa Fernández Carriedo
((This account was originally only an Ask, but since I don't get many questions and I have found out I love roleplaying... feel free to start an RP with Andalucia~
Admin speaks both Spanish and English! ¡Admin española, chicos, podéis hablarme en español!))

¡Hola! I'm Spain's sister and Autonomous Community, Andalucia, but you can also call me Aixa. Glad to meet you!
Feel free to make questions, dares, whatever you want. Everything is welcome here! :D

:bulletgreen: About me :bulletgreen:

Full name: Aixa Fernández Carriedo
Nicknames: Aixa, Ai, Luci...
Age: looks around 19, is 32 as actual Autonomous Community
Birthday: February 28, 1981 (Statute of Autonomy)
Height: 1'65 metres
Languages: Mainly Spanish and English
Relationships: Married to :iconaph-ingushetia: (8-5-2012)
Astrological sign: Pisces

Likes: Animals, flowers (esp. carnations and orange blossoms) and nature in general, children, cooking, going to the beach, attending romerías and various Andalusian festivities, tourism...
Gardening, it's a very popular thing in Andalusia, for almost everyone has got an Andalusian yard like this:…
Music and dance are her passion. Andalusia has a really strong musical culture, known all over the world, and thus Aixa loves music. Especially her folkloric music: sevillanas, flamenco, saetas... Anything cheerful, energetic and passionate will do for her, although depending on her mood she may listen to other kinds of music.

Due to this love for music, she can also play quite a few instruments herself. Her favourites, though, are and always will be the Spanish guitar, the castanets and the tambourine.
Also, her land has a strong natalist tradition: numerous families are quite a common thing in Andalusia. And back when children were the future of their parents, they had as many as possible. And Aixa learned how to bring children to the world. With time, this needed ability became something more for her, a little miracle everytime she heard the cry of a newborn baby. She's not an obstetrician herself, but she does know very much and has a lot of experience in the field of pregnancy and birth. In case of need, she could be a perfect matron, and she's a great counselor for pregnancy and birth issues.

Dislikes: seeing her loved ones sad or angry, not having her children around, people touching her mole (?), Summers (becase you can't go out until night, it's just that hot)

Personality: She quickly grows to like new people and will consider them friends, loving them both for their virtues and their flaws. Very protective of her loved ones, she will try to help them in any possible way, even if she's not allowed to.
So positive it can be annoying. She'll always try to find a silver lining and will try to help you do it too, even in the worst situations. Of course, she can have a tantrum once in a while, but it doesn't last for long. Also, it's very difficult to seriously annoy her, because she's very patient.
She can be quite childlike and curious when facing something new for her, as well as very sensible when the situation requires it. She's also very enthusiastic, so she'll accept any dare life brings her.
Too naïve and easy-forgiving for her own good. Tends to believe no-one has flaws when she first meets them.
She also dreams of a big family of her own...

Flaws: She can be quite lazy if she's not in a good mood or if it's too hot outside (believe me, Andalusian summers can be terrible).
She's also pretty weak and has little power of decision, due to her being just a part of a country. But when her mind is set on something, she's bold-headed enough to annoy; especially if what she wants is protecting someone, even though she knows she can't because of her weakness and the fact that she might need Spain's agreement, for she's got autonomy until a certain point.

As a territory:
Represents: Autonomous Community of Andalusia
Anthem: Himno de Andalucía…
Motto: Andalucía por sí, por España y por la Humanidad (Andalusia for herself, for Spain and for the Humankind)
Population: 8.424.102 inhabitants (1st in Spain)
Area: 87.268 square km (2nd in Spain)
Official language: Spanish
Considered as Historical Nationality.

She was born when Phoenicians and Ancient Greeks arrived to her territories and founded Gadir (X century b.C.). She didn't have a name then. Her first memories are from her early childhood with her father, Iberia, around the times the Tartessian culture blossomed. When it disappeared, Carthage took care of her along with Iberia, until Rome defeated them and took Andalucia, giving her her first name as a region: Baetica. Her human name, back then, was changed for 'Alba', for Rome tried to romanize as many things as possible in every territory he conquered.
Andalucia was under his rule until the Visigoths arrived. Theirs was a brief period, since Andalucia got conquered by Byzantium soon. But this ended soon too.
In 711 the Muslim conquest of the Iberian peninsula started. Andalucia was the fist territory they conquered, and she was given a new name, Al-Andalus. They also conquered many of her siblings and added them to the Umayyad Caliphate, also under the name of Al-Andalus. Muslim culture had a great influence in her life: they gave her lots of new words, beautiful monuments, new music... Her human name, Aixa, is also one of the things she inherited. Plus, during this period of time the Alhambra, one of the World Wonders, was built in Granada. From the time it was built on, she had a little mole on her right cheek.
Soon, the siblings that had managed to escape, like Castilla y León, Catalonia, Galicia and Asturias, started to fight back and they freed some of their siblings. By the time they got Andalucia back (1492, Fall of Granada), she had already been under the Muslim's rule for more than 700 years.
She was then received by her older siblings Castilla and Aragón, who ruled the Spanish territory. She also participated in the discovery and exploration of the Americas, so she became quite wealthy. But she was, and still is, a bit sore at her sister Castilla because of the way she treated Andalusian Muslims and Jews.
She had a very hard time in the first half of the 16th century because of the plague, the food shortage, the drought... so she would do all she could to help her people, but it wasn't enough, it never was enough...
She tried to gain independence in 1641, but she couldn't. The Count-Duke of Olivares violently crushed her separatist revolt. She's always wanted her independence since then, but not as openly as some of her siblings, like Catalonia or Galicia.
In 1812, the first Spanish Constitution was promulgated by the Cádiz Cortes. It's something she's quite proud of, even if it only lasted for two years or so, because it was the first step to the democtratic system Spain has today.
The loss of the Americas made her lose almost all the power she had, and she became one of Spain's poorest provinces. Nowadays, she still is, but she has got enough to live well.
It wasn't until 1981 that she became what she's today, the Autonomous Community of Andalucia.

Some fun facts:
-Her religious beliefs: She's had an important history with religions. She has been a Muslim for an important period of time, and a lot of her inhabitants also share that faith because of her proximity to Morocco and the lots of immigants that cross the Strait of Gibraltar. However, she was one of the first to embrace Christianity in Roman times, and became a Christian again after the Fall of Granada. And she's a convinced Christian as of now, but she doesn't forget that there were many religions in her life besides Christianism, so she doesn't care about people's religions. In her land many religions coexist, though the main one is Christianism: Judaism, Islamism, Budism, Hinduism, Protestantism, even Mormonism.
-That said, even though the majority of her people and she herself are Christian, they're waaaay more devoted to the Virgin. In Her name numerous festivities and romerías are held, and they adore her with fervor; especially women, who have it easier to identify with her and try to be good, patient and loving like she was.
-Her people see Andalucia as much more than a home: they see her as their mother and/or an elusive lover, and they love her so much she's always present and personified in their songs (and this is true, look for any kind of sevillanas and in the 90 percent of it you'll find some allusion to Andalusia and/or Spain). They're very proud of their Andalusian heritage and are very patriotic.
- An Andalusian folk/rock group, Medina Azahara, has an album called Aixa; however this is a real name of Arabic origins which means "She who is lively". NAILED IT. Aïsha was also the name of the mother of the last Emir of Granada, Muhammad XII, and according to the legend, when her deposed son and her had to leave, Muhammad turned around and cried, looking at his lost kingdom, and she told him: "Llorad como una mujer lo que no supisteis defender como un hombre","Thou dost weep like a woman for what thou couldst not defend as a man". This Aïsha belonged to the Nasrid Dynasty, which was said to descend directly from the Prophet Muhammed. Incidentally, the Prophet's third wife and his favourite one, who was also the author of many hadiths, was also named Aisha.
- Her mole represents La Alhambra, in Granada. So when she was little, before the Alhambra was built, she had no mole. She doesn't like people touching it, and doesn't seem to pay it a lot of importance, but for her it actually is a great reminder of her best times and a pride, for she hosts a marvel of the world!
-She was originally a brunette. But when she arrived here, she got into trouble with a Fem!Spain that thought she was a clone account (long story) and I changed her to make that Fem!Spain calm down. I turned her into a blonde, because... well, when I think of Andalusia what comes to my mind is: sun. Warmth. Fields of  golden wheat. Sunflower fields. So it was more than less instinctive... And when that Fem!Spain left, I found myself too used to making her a blonde to change her again. I like her better like this.
-She's also very environment-conscious. She's the national leader of biomass energy production, and there are windmills everywhere you look when you go to her land. Also, she's got 150 natural reseves: Doñana, the National Park of Sierra Nevada, the Natural Parks of Cazorla,Segura y Las Villas and Cabo de Gata-Níjar... The 20% of her land is protected in one or another way.… (Map of all the protected places in Andalusia)

:bulletblue: About Angelo :
Angelo is her adopted son. He was abandoned at the entrance of her house. He's quite smart, and tends to absorb new words like a sponge... so be careful with bad words around him~!
He's a sweet kid with an easy laugh, who loves playing and meeting new people. He's very fond of his mother and his sister, who love him a lot too. He thinks of himself as his sister's protector, and he's promised lots of times that he'll protect her from any harm.
Also, he likes nature, and he's often found sitting under the orange trees and the olive trees Aixa keeps in her yard, even sleeping under them. And rain. He loves rain.
His birthday has been set on August the 27th, given the lack of an actual birthday for him; it's the anniversary of his arrival to Aixa's home. (His astrological sign would be Virgo, provisionally)
You can play with him if you mention him in a comment or leaving a comment here:…

:bulletred: About Anabel:
(Biography, looks, personality, etc. by :iconhetaliaportugal1:. My only contribution was her name. Thanks dear!)
She's also an abandoned child, but she's not a normal girl: she used to be Beth Carnabelly, a very successful woman, but she was also too strict. Her soon-to-be husband left because he was sick of her, and out of sadness she went to a wizard and asked her to have her life restarted. She didn't think that it would work, but the morning of what should have been her wedding she found herself in an unknown place: Aixa's house. She tried to escape, but Angelo convinced her to stay, since it would have been dangerous for her to leave alone. And so, when Aixa welcomed her to the family, she gladly accepted it.
Her name, Anabel, is the short form of Ana Isabel, a very popular name in Andalucia.
She's a shy child, who is learning how to be a baby again, so she acts more mature than she should sometimes. She's especially attached to Angelo and trusts him, for she knows that he'll do his best to keep her safe and happy: she often has nightmares, and he's the one to calm her down most of the times. This might be the reason why she loves him. (He actually loves her back, but he's too little to tell the difference between siblings love and love love, especially since he was an only child until she arrived).
Her actual birth date is unknown so it's been set in May the 19th, the day she arrived to Aixa's house. (Provisionally a Tauro)

Other RP accounts:

Main account:
((is anyone still playing here?))


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